The Laguna Beach
Patriot's Day Parade

2018 parade theme:
“Waves of Freedom”

The meaning of most or all words changes through the years. Just look at how a simple word like "wagon" has changed in 100 years. It once represented a large wooden vehicle pulled behind horses. Then it was an automobile built to accomodate a large number of children on vacations. Then it became known as a metal cart used by kids to transport toys and bearing the logo "Radio Flyer."

The meaning of the word "freedom" changes over time, too, and so does the way that freedom is experienced and felt by Americans. This year we invite our community to contemplate what freedom means to you, the Laguna Beach resident, the student in our schools, the visitor enjoying a free day in the sand and the surf. Plan to march in or come down and watch our parade, and arrive on that morning in March with a heart filled with appreciation for what freedom really means to you.

Though most of us love the song, freedom doesn't
always mean "nothing left to lose."
For this and many other things we are grateful.



See for yourselves.The weather in March 2017 was PERFECT and a good time was had by all!

VIDEOS from 2017

Grand Marshal's Trophy goes to #46 LB Sister Cities Assn and Fete de la Musique

Band Association Sweepstakes Trophy goes to #42 Bassett High School of La Puente

#51 Oak Avenue Middle School Marching Band and Model A club

#37 The Girl Scouts

#34 Pageant of the Masters

#83 Mater Dei High School Marching Band

#61 Pacific Marine Mammal Rescue and Laguna Laughter Club

#56 Susan G Komen Race for the Cure

#79 Northview High School Marching Band

#86 Spurs and Satin

Here also is a selection of photos from the 2017 Parade.

Also, a library of Youtube videos of marching bands from past parades can be found here



On the first Saturday of each March, a hundred marching units assemble in Laguna Beach to step off in the annual Laguna Beach Parade. For over forty years, Orange County has enjoyed the parade and its entrants, the celebrities and music, and the community spirit of this charming city by the sea.

Entries in the popular event range from civic and veterans organizations to school bands, floats, vintage automobiles, and light-hearted novelty groups. The parade also honors citizens who have served the community and those who have served the nation in time of war or national emergency.

The 2017 Parade Honorees are

Aria and Makenzie Fischer Grand Marshals
Robert W. Sternfels USAAF Honored Patriot
Douglas Miller Citizen of the Year
John Barber Artist of the Year
Madison Sinclair and Wyatt Shipp 2017 Junior Citizens of the Year
Claire Tigner 2017 Essay Winner
Jared Ghetian 2017 Cover Artist



This parade site is intended to give you all the information you need to enjoy or participate in the Laguna Beach Parade. Please take a look around and enjoy the celebration.

   Laguna Beach Parade

  Meet the 2017 Honorees at the Parade Fundraiser Brunch!
  Details about the 2017 Parade Honorees
The 2017 Parade Essay contest winner
The 2017 Laguna Beach Parade Lineup
The Presidents Message
2017 Parade trophy winners
2017 Parade photo album
  The parade route
  The Parade as it is today
  History of the Laguna Beach Patriots Day Parade
  Past Parade Grand Marshals
  How to Participate 
  A new link to the archive of past parade honorees will appear here soon

Officers of the 2018 Parade

      President Christopher Tomlin
      Vice-president (unconfirmed) Charles Quilter
      Secretary Michelle Clark
      Treasurer Sandi Werthe

      The 2017 Laguna Beach Patriot's Day Parade Committee

      The individuals in the 2017 parade committee photo are:

      Seated L-R Treasurer/Entry Chair Sandi Werthe,  President Charlie Quilter,  Vice-president Chris Tomlin,  [missing Secretary Michelle Clark]

      Standing L-R  Tom Fay, Elizabeth Tomlin, Ed Hanke, Kathleen Fay, Jean Law, Sande St. John, Michael Lyons, Jim Rue, Kathy Hanke, “Diz” D’Isabella, John Kountz

   The City of Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach Parade Map and Diagram
History of Laguna Beach

Check this site regularly for plans for the 2017 parade,
scheduled as usual for the first Saturday in March!

  UP NEXT - The 52th annual Laguna Beach Parade,
will occur on Saturday, March 3, 2018 at 11:00 a.m.
featuring community groups, imaginative floats, spirited marching bands
and more from throughout the Southland.

Deadline for entries is about January 13th.
Deadline for copy to be placed in the parade program is approximately January 9th.

The 52nd Annual Laguna Beach Patriots Day Parade
P.O.Box 5147
Laguna Beach, CA 92652-5147

To contact the parade committee dial: (949) 494-6016 or email

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