Laguna Beach Patriots Day Parade


One America
By Claire Tigner

Many people take freedoms for granted.  I know I do.  It is human nature to    want rights that we don’t have.  But every once in a while, we have to think about how fortunate we are.  We all get used to the idea that we can elect a person who we want  to lead.  We are used to the fact that we can make choices freely.  However, there are so many people that aren’t nearly as lucky as us.

In America, we have so many freedoms that other countries don’t have.  We have the right to vote and make decisions about who is leading us.  Everybody gets       a say and because of this, our country grows and thrives.  In this country, every person,  all walks of life, have rights, no matter what race or gender.

Another freedom we take for granted in this country is the freedom of speech.  We can speak out about what we think is right, and nobody will arrest us for having      an opinion.  Without the people that disagree with us, our country wouldn’t get better.  Although many people disagree about politics and laws, America still stays together,  and that is what makes America so special, because even though everybody might disagree, we will still stay united.

In some ways, America is like a tall building.  The top is flat, and no one part   has more control than another.  It may seem that the top floors of the building have  more power, but any skyscraper would fall without its foundation, the people of the country.

Here in Laguna Beach, we celebrate our rights as patriots, because we know how fortunate we are to live in a country like America.  There is no place that is truly   like our America.

So what is America?  America is a place where people disagree, protest, and fight, but all people join together to truly create One America:  E Pluribus Unum.

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