Laguna Beach Patriots Day Parade


“Everyday Heroes”
By Cleo Washer
(Laura Silver's 8th Grade Language Arts Class)

What is an everyday hero? What does that mean? We tend to think heroes save lives, run into burning buildings, or fight bad guys. However, we should look at the heroes we don't acknowledge so much—the everyday heroes.

"An everyday hero can be anyone. A person who selflessly intervenes in a situation small or big is a hero." So who are everyday heroes? Well, it can be you, me or anyone you know. Teachers are everyday heroes because they come teach their students every week and expand their knowledge on important topics. Your family is made up of everyday heroes because they take care of you, love you, and support you. Nurses, doctors, the police, and fire department are all heroes because they help you stay healthy and survive.

But it's not just them. A neighbor who smiles at you every day when you walk out the door might be a hero to you because they make you feel happy to start a new day. Employees who work for shops, grocery stores, and restaurants can be everyday heroes because they show up and help make sure you get great service. What I'm trying to tell you is that everyone is an everyday hero because everyone does something that makes someone feel good. That's what it means to be an everyday hero. So many people inspire me to do great things because of how hard they work. It doesn't have to be a glamorous job or even one that requires great skill. Just quietly helping others is enough to make you an everyday hero even though people might not be aware of it.

If you're making a positive impact on something or someone you are an everyday hero and while this may not be the kind of hero that earns medals or fame, it is something we can all try to achieve.

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