Laguna Beach Parade
Past Grand Marshals

2017 — Glori Fickling

Glori Fickling

2017Aria and Makenzie Fischer

2016 — Former Mayor Kelly Boyd

Kelly Boyd

2015 — Olympic swimmer Janet Evans

2013 Capt Jason Ehret USN

2012 Gen Lee Butler USAF + Dorene Butler

2011 — Al Roberts and Ken Jillson

2010 — Dee Challis, Director of the Pageant of the Masters

Dee Challis

2009 — Columnist Frank Mickadeit

2008 — Harry Lawrence

2007 Joan Irvine Smith

2006 Reporter and Columnist Gordon Dillow

2005 Police Chief James Spreine and Linda Spreine

2004 Brigadier General Terry G. Robling, United States Marines

2003 Laguna Beach Fire Captain "Diz" Disabella

2002 Ron Rodecker, creator of 'Dragon Tales'

2001 Olympic Gold Medallist Dain Blanton

2000 local baseball star Skipper Carrillo

1999 Federal Judge David O. Carter

1998 Sculptor Felix de Weldon

1997 Police Chief Neil J. Purcell, Jr.

1996 Greg MacGillivray, filmmaker  

1995 Carl N. Kartcher  

1994 Major General P. Drax Williams, USMC  

1993 Barbara McNair, singer and actor  

1992 Col. Manfred A. Rietsch, USMC  

1991 Disney Ambassador Jill Ornelas

1990 Roy Marcom  


1989 Iron Eyes Cody, actor/advocate  

1988 Gale Storm, actor  

1987 Colonel 'Buzz' Aldrin, astronaut  

1986 Dusty Dvorak, Olympic Gold Medalist  

1985 Jim Chapman, Senior Olympic Silver Medalist  


1984 Bill Toomey, Olympic Decathlon Champion  

1983 County Supervisor Thomas Riley  

1982 Assemblyman Marian Bergeson  

1981 Marion Knott  

1980 Lesley and Frances Chatham  


1979 Disney Ambassador Leona Dombroske

1978 Scatman Crothers, actor

1977 Kay Lenz, actor  

1976 Major General Floyd W. Wergeland, USA, Vice-Admiral R.N. Smoot, USN, Brigadier General Albert C. Pommerenk, USMC, Lt. General William F. Pills, USAF



1975 Charlie Tuna, radio personality  

1974 the kids from The Waltons

1973 Mayor Jesse Riddle  


1972 Cissy King and Bobby Burgess, dancers  

1971 Carol Hanson, wife of Marine Pilot missing in action  


1970 Buddy Hatton of Buddy and Fran, KWIZ radio personalities

1969 Disneylands' Frank Keith and Concho (The Coyote Who Wasn't) 1968 Parade Founder Emily Ross  

1967 Walter and Cordelia Knott, founders of Knott's Berry Farm


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